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Child led,
parent run.


Our Philosophy

The Butler Street COOP (BSC) is a supportive network of families brought together by our commitment to equip our children to be lifelong learners. BSC values social-emotional development and the qualities that come with it, including emotional maturity, critical thinking, independence, and self-control. Because we believe that children construct their own knowledge of the world, we aim to foster that through our child-initiated, exploration-based approach to learning. Our exploration-based approach stimulates our children’s curiosity and autonomy, and we believe there is great value in allowing the curriculum to be seeded by our children’s natural interests and grown under the care of our expert teachers. We all work together to model behavior for our children, showing consistency, integrity, a sense of humor, flexibility, patience, good judgement, boundaries, and love.


About Us



BSC was formed in 2012 by a group of seven families. In its first year, we offered a 2s program in the garden apartment at one of our families’ homes. The seven children met three mornings a week, independent of their caregivers and under the guidance of two teachers. It was clear even then that this was the beginning of something special -- the community responded and we have now had the honor of working with well over 100 children and their families. 

BSC is proud to announce that it has successfully achieved the status of a 501(c)3 charitable organization. All donations to BSC are tax deductible to the donor.



When you become a BSC member, you sign on to become part of a group. As parents, we all have an obligation to volunteer our time to help the school. Dedicated participation and respect are the foundations of a functioning community. We each share the responsibility for the success of our co-op by providing the overall administrative framework and day-to-day operations for the school. Doing such not only helps keep our costs down but allows our teachers to focus on their efforts in the classroom. Parent obligations include mandatory attendance at general meetings, work in the classroom on a voluntary and rotating basis, performance of individual jobs, and participation in classroom set-up and put-away at the end of the year. One primary caregiver per family must attend and participate in general meetings, which are mandatory and held each month. These meetings are a place for communication where the progress of the children’s activities is discussed along with the administrative operations of the school.




BSC is committed to providing a multicultural learning environment in an effort to prepare our children to become successful citizens of a diverse world. It is our goal to create a community rich with varied backgrounds, cultures and family structures as a way to foster our children’s open heartedness.


Our Programs


A Note from our education leader, molly malone

At BSC, we draw from many play based progressive teaching philosophies to present a curriculum that nurtures the whole child. Social and emotional objectives are considered with the same value, attention, and developmental expectations, as cognitive and academic objectives.
Our emphasis is on helping children create meaning from a rich set of experiences inside and outside the classroom. Dramatic play, messy art and sensory material, books, stories, songs, dance parties, playground time, neighborhood outings, cooking, flower arranging, snack time, and a whole lot of laughing (small amounts of crying too), in a genuinely warm and respectful community inspires confidence, and self respect. Kids get exposure to numbers and letters through contextualized curiosity-based experiences, while practicing the skills they need to be good friends and successful students.
We provide just enough structure that the day is predictable, and the space accessible, and the creative freedom to let the children engage their classroom in the ways that feel right to them.



Our Early Explorers playgroup for children 12-24+ months is a great way to introduce your child to a classroom environment in a fun and age-appropriate way. This facilitated playgroup with caregivers in attendance runs 45 minutes per session with four sessions per week to choose from.




BSC currently offers two classes for 2-year olds, one AM class that runs Tuesday through Thursday, 9-11:30am and one PM class that runs Tuesday through Thursday, 2:30-5pm. 



Due to steady growth & demand, BSC has added an afternoon 3/4s class to it's existing morning offering. The AM class runs Monday through Friday, 9am-12pm and the PM class runs Monday through Friday, 2-5pm. 


Why We Love BSC

"As an early childhood educator myself, I knew exactly what I was looking for when we started looking into 2s programs for our son. There are buzzwords in education that get thrown around — everyone wants a “child-led,” “inquiry-based” program that “nurtures the whole-child.” Butler Street COOP is truly all those things. BSC’s teachers are passionate and incredibly thoughtful. We feel lucky to have joined this community through Early Explorers with our older son who then had a wonderful year with Molly in the 2s class and will be starting with Vanessa in the 3/4s class this fall. His little brother is looking forward to following in his footsteps."

Hannah, mom to H & E


Community Workshops

We’re excited to share our thoughtful and experienced teachers with the community. Over the course of each school year, Butler Street COOP offers early childhood development workshops for parents and caregivers, led by our Lead Teachers, experienced Early Childhood Educators Molly Malone and Vanessa Ramos.

Workshop attendees will come away with new ideas, tools, and language to support a child’s development and play. The workshops are participatory and interactive—we encourage questions! Be prepared to get messy!